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Fujikura Group’s Value Creation

2020 Mid-term Management Plan

Our group set its 2015 medium-term management plan (2015 MT) as "2015 MT: change & change together," and in doing so aimed to continue earning high regard from society and appreciation from our customers. Accordingly, the plan was executed with aims of becoming a high-operating-profit corporation. During this execution, the group's business was deeply impacted by both the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the Great Thai Floods of 2011. However, we sustained a recovery through the support of our customers and numerous other concerned parties, resulting in success across 80-90% of goals set in the 2015 MT.

Even as it carries on the basic policies of the previous 2015 MT, our 2020 medium-term management plan aims for both increased profitability and revitalization. Simultaneously, it reinforces approaches toward the environment, society, and governance, striving for ongoing group growth and corporate value improvements.

Vision and Goal

- “Change ourselves and bridge to the future! 2020 Mid-term” -

Become a company that holds future promise and will continue in the future
based on high earning power and the power of strong “metabolism”
as a company that creates value for customers!

Outline of the 2020 Mid-term Business Plan

Outline of the 2020 Mid-term Business Plan

Growth, Strategy and Key Measures

We have adopted the following growth strategy to achieve the goals of the Mid-term plan.
Developing Deeper Ties with Strategic Customers Developing deeper ties with strategic customers
  -Work to achieve greater business growth
  -Seize new business opportunities
Speed Up New Business Creation Strengthen the structure for promoting new business
Key areas
  -Industrial machinery
  -Medical devices
Open Innovation -Supply the missing pieces of portfolios and value chains and create new value for customers
-Speed up technology development, business development, and business growth
Management Reform & Business Structural Reform Response to a Corporate Governance Code
-Improve the quality and speed of dicision-making in a diverse range of businesses
-Strengthen the management base