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Environmental Management System

Global Environment Activity Promotion System

The overall environmental conservation activities of the Fujikura Group are managed globally by the Environmental Committee, which is the Environmental-Site Working Group under the Group CSR Committee. The chairperson of the committee is the officer in charge of the environment (Managing Director). The committee is responsible for the discussion and resolution of issues related to the Group's environmental management. Specific activities include setting annual and medium-term goals, formulating plans according to these goals and monitoring the progress of plans. For addressing priority themes, special teams which support the planning of measures and ensure implementation of measures across the Group are organized under the committee as necessary.

Global Environment Activity Promotion System

Fujikura Group ECO-PASS Environmental Information Collection System

Since fiscal 2010, we launched the Fujikura Group ECO-PASS system to increase the efficiency of environmental data collection. In order to encourage the sharing and analysis of this information across the Group to further reduce our environmental impacts, we have visualized the information, including data about our environmental impacts and the results of our environmental activities.

Currently, there are 22 consolidated companies in Japan (96% of domestic consolidated companies), 4 non-consolidated companies, and 37 overseas consolidated companies (53% of overseas consolidated companies) utilizing ECO-PASS in their environmental data management.

- ECO-PASS Management Companies
- State of ISO14001

Fujikura Group ECO-PASS Environmental Information Collection System

Environmental Education

The Fujikura Group involves employees in energy saving and recycling activities, implementing environmental education so that all employees work to protect the Earth's environment during their daily work. The Fujikura Group raises awareness using environmental lectures during new employee training, by regularly holding OJT in the workplace as well as regular specialized training on ISO 14001 education and operations at the site as well as workplace level.

Training Activities at the Head Office and Business Sites

(Head Office) Internal environmental auditor training

In October, the headquarters held a study session to train internal auditors. After explaining the requirements of the ISO14001 standard, the responsibilities and roles of the internal auditors, and the points for practical training, he participated in internal audits at the head office as practical training. We will continue to hold study sessions to improve the level of internal auditors.

(Headquarter) Environmental activity briefing session

(Sakura Works) New Employee Training

At the Sakura Works, we provided environmental training to new employees with determined job assignments. In fiscal 2018, the same training was also conducted in both April (business site hires) and June (head office hires).

(Sakura Works) Waste Sorting Training

Sakura Works is responsible for a variety of waste from its research and development divisions. In order to properly consign each waste material, waste sorting training at the waste disposal site is conducted two or three times a week (about 100 times a year). This effort aims to eliminate improper disposal of waste materials as well as to reaffirm the importance of waste classifying.

(Sakura Works) Implementation of waste classification guidance Image

(Sakura Works) Implementation of waste classification guidance Image2

(Suzuka Works) General Environmental Education

General environmental education is implemented every year for all employees of the Suzuka Works. In 2018, 10 sessions were held from June 13 until July 2, with 406 employees taking part. The results of the previous year's efforts and plans for the current year were explained, environmental topics were covered, and each participant learned how they can get involved in energy-saving and waste-reduction activities.

(Suzuka Works) Implementation of general environmental education Image

(Numazu Works) Environmental education at general meeting

At the general meeting in July, Numazu Works educated our employees on environmental activities and implementation status in FY2006 and initiatives at factories. In addition, two employees completed the ISO14001 internal auditor training this year based on the status of acquisition at the business site, which led to the improvement of the environment.

(Numazu Works) Freshman Education in 2017 Image1

(Ishioka Works) Explanation for drainage

Until now, the Ishioka Works had been monitoring the pH and oil slick at the terminal drainage basin for monitoring drainage. However, the monitoring equipment was updated to add pH, oil slick, and turbidity to the terminal drainage basin. Drainage monitoring pits were installed in the F component and FHO inside, and pH and oil slick monitoring devices were installed. By explaining these monitoring devices, the companies in the Ishioka Works have become more interested in wastewater than ever before.

(Ishioka Works) ISO 14001: 2015 Education Image

(Ishioka Works) ISO 14001: 2015 Education Image2

Environmental Education Activities at Group Companies

(Yonezawa Electric Wire Co., Ltd.) Emergency environmental response drill held

Yonezawa Electric Wire Co., Ltd. holds emergency environmental response drills every year as an activity organized by its environmental committee. The company holds an annual drill on emergency response and monitoring using surveillance equipment at the final discharge water gate to ensure all precautions are taken when withdrawing and discharging water into the specified waterway of importance protected by the government that flows along the side of the company.

(Yonezawa Electric Wire) Implementation of Environmental Emergency Response Training Image

(Yonezawa Electric Wire Co., Ltd.) Regional environmental conservation activities

Every year the company helps pick up trash along the road and parking lots in the Koriyama Hokubu Industrial Park, where its Koriyama Plant is located.            

(Yonezawa Electric Wire) Regional environmental conservation activities Image

(Fujikura Precision Ltd.) Test held on response to emergencies

The company held a training drill based on the scenario of a motorcycle leaking oil that if left alone would reach the rainwater gate in several hours. As a result, the drill shows that there were no problems during each stage of the response, which was carried out correctly.

(Numazu Copper Refining and Rolling) Local environmental conservation activities

Numazu Copper Refining and Rolling actively participates in local beautification activities three times a year separately from the premises beautification activities as a “small kindness movement”. In conjunction with a nearby company, we will clean up at the "Old Tokaido Kanayasaka Cobblestone" and "Dojizawa Water Park".

(Numazu Copper Refining and Rolling) Education on environmental management activities Image

Environmental Audits

We carry out regular environmental audits on each of the Group’s domestic manufacturing sites. These audits involve patrols by the auditing team comprised of the officer in charge of the environment as well as members from environmental and facilities divisions. In addition to reviewing the extent of compliance with laws and regulations, and examining the facilities, waste, and dangerous goods management, these audits also investigate actions to reduce environmental impacts, provide guidance and support as necessary, and work to standardize and improve environmental conservation activities at all of our manufacturing sites.

2018 Internal Environmental Audits Site

Fujikura Ltd. Sakura, Suzuka, Numazu, and Ishioka Works
Group Companies Numazu Copper Refining and Rolling, DDK, Fujikura Components, FUJIKURA HIGH OPT, Fujikura Dia Cable Kumagaya Plant/ Fukui Plant, Fujikura Solutions, Suzuki Giken, Aomori Fujikura Kanaya

Environmental Accounting

The Fujikura Group discloses environmental accounting data in line with the Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005. Environmental accounting serves as a tool to evaluate the effects of environmental protection activities in a quantitative manner. By using this tool, we can identify the costs and effects of environmental protection activities, evaluate improvements made through these activities, and make use of evaluation results.

Scope of Data

  • Period Covered: April 2018 to March 2019
  • Scope: Fujikura and 20 Group Companies
Fujikura Ltd. Head Offie, Sakura, Suzuka, Numazu and Ishioka Works
Group Companies Nishi Nippon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., Yonezawa Electric Wire Co., Ltd., Fujikura Automotive Asia Ltd., DDK Ltd.,
Tohoku Fujikura Ltd., Fujikura Components Ltd., FUJIKURA HIGH OPT Co., Ltd., Numazu Copper Refining and Rolling Co., Ltd.,
Aomori Fujikura Kanaya Ltd., Shinshiro Cable, Ltd., Suzuki Giken Co. Ltd., Fujikura Precision Ltd., Fujikura Solutions Ltd.,
Fujikura Dia Cable Ltd., Fuji Materials Ltd., Musashi Wire Co., Ltd., Fujikura Shoji Co., Ltd., Fujikura Facilities Co, Ltd.,
Fujikura Engineering Ltd., Fujikura Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Costs

(Units: million yen)

  Details Investment Costs
Business area costs
(Pollution prevention costs, global environmental protection costs, resource recycling costs)
Exhaust gas cleaning equipment repairs and maintenance costs, Waste water treatment equipment repairs and maintenance costs, Light Emitting Diode&Dedicated high-frequency lighting tube costs, Freon gas recovery and destruction costs, Improvement of base metal manufacturing capacity, Thermal barrier painting costs, Wooden drum recycling costs, Factory chiller update 1119.7 2454.6
Upstream/downstream costs Material Information outgoing expenses, Removal cables separation costs, etc. 0.0 3.1
Cost of management activities ISO 14001 management audit costs, Book budget, Exhibition participation fee, Greening costs, Environment measurement item costs, etc. 96.7 521.9
Research and development costs R&D of environmentally friendly products 779.5 1161.3
Social activity costs "Fujikura-Kiba Millennium Woods" maintenance costs, Around the plant clean-up activities costs, Community organizations support costs 19.0 20.5
Cost of repairing environmental damage Air pollution levy, Insurance, etc. 0.0 49.8
Total 2014.9 4211.2
  • Effects (actual effects only, not including estimated effects)

(Units: million yen)

Effects on pollution prevention and global environmental protection 97.6
Effects on resource recycling 229.7
Upstream/downstream effects 2.1
Effects on management activities 0.2
Research and development 247.2
Effects on social activities 0.0
Total 646.8

Environmental Impacts from Business Activities

The following shows the major environmental impacts of business activities conducted by Fujikura Ltd. and other Group companies in Japan during fiscal 2018.

Environmental Impacts of Business Activities

Environmental Compliance

Fujikura sets even higher voluntary standards that exceed laws and regulations. With daily monitoring, regular measurements, and environmental inspections, Fujikura is reducing emissions of chemicals and other substances into the atmosphere and waterways. Also, by strengthening equipment maintenance and implementing equipment measures in advance, we have thorough plans to prevent overages against our standards.

Main Relevant Laws

Pollution Prevention System Maintenance Act on Improvement of Pollution Prevention Systems in Specific Factories
Land Use Factory Location Act/City Planning Act
Air Pollution Air Pollution Control Act, Act on the Protection of the Ozone Layer Through the Control of Specified Substances and Other Measures
Water Pollution Water Pollution Prevention Act, Sewerage Act, Private Sewerage System Law
Noise/Vibration/Odor Noise Regulation Act, Vibration Regulation Act, Odor Prevention Act
Soil Pollution Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act
Hazardous Materials Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act, Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof (PRTR law).
Employee Safety Industrial Safety and Health Act (specialization rule, organic rule), Fire Service Act (dangerous substances), High Pressure Gas Safety Act
Global Warming Prevention Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures, Act on Rationalizing Energy Use, Act on Rational Use and Proper Management of Fluorocarbons
Waste Materials Waste Management and Public Cleansing, Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Proper Treatment of PCB Wastes

Environmental Activities and Near-Miss Collection System

Information about environmental troubles regarding Fujikura and its Group companies is quickly consolidated and shared following the Fujikura Group Environmental Trouble Reporting Operations Manual (revised in 2019) to prevent similar troubles from happening again.

Addressing Environmental Complaints

Number of Cases and Countermeasures in FY 2018

One case occurred in FY2018. A transportation vehicle requested by a group company was transported by a transport company on a public road with fuel leaking, entered the company's office, and a police station or fire department came to the office on a report from the local residents. . After confirming and listening to the vehicle and its occurrence, he was rejected from the judgment that there was no danger. At a later date, the directors of the Group companies, the president of the transportation company, and the manager of the Company's office reported and apologized to the relevant government agencies (police, fire department, prefecture and city). We also took measures to prevent fuel leaks and notified our business sites and group companies to prevent recurrence.

Violations in FY2018

In fiscal 2018, one group company measured noise levels that exceeded the standard in a part of the site boundary as a result of noise measurement. No complaints from local residents. As a first aid measure, soundproof sheets will be installed on the fence at the site boundary, and as a permanent measure, soundproof walls will be installed around noise-generating equipment. In addition, we notified our offices and group companies to prevent recurrence.

Fines and Sanctions

No fines or sanctions have occurred due to violation of environment related laws by any of the business sites or Group companies of the Fujikura Group.