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Expansion of Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

The Fujikura Group conducts lifecycle assessments of its products to increase their environmental performance. Specifically, we assess the eco-friendliness of our products throughout their lifecycle during the planning, development and design stages.

Our target is to register at least 60 environmentally friendly products every year.

Green Products

 Total registrations of environmentally friendly products

Green Mind Products

The Green Product Management Committee screens the lifecycle assessment check sheets submitted by the business divisions and registers products that meet the predefined criteria as Green Mind Products.

The lifecycle assessment check sheet was established in 2011 and has been updated regularly ever since. The Green Product Management Committee is chaired by a representative from R&D divisions and comprised of members selected from each company.

In fiscal 2018, 61 products were registered as Green Mind Products. The number of products registered during the period up to fiscal 2018 totals 597.

Green Products

Under our Green Product certification system, which we have established to foster the development of more environmentally friendly products, we certify products that are even more conscious of the environment than Green Mind Products as Green Products. We label Green Products with the Green Project mark and approve the use of this mark according to the rules for ISO 14021 Type II environmental labeling.

In fiscal 2018, there were no violations of information or labeling of products and services nor regarding marketing or communication.

Environmentally Friendly Products (Certified in FY 2018)

Telecommunication Systems

小型防水大気圧センサ(ABS5) Product Description Wireless sensor node
Application Five types of sensors: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance, and human feeling. No need for battery replacement with dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) as power supply.
Environmentally conscious The DSC used as a power source is an energy-harvesting power source that can generate power even in low light. Significantly simplified base configuration.

Telecommunication Systems

光ケーブリングシステム(24心少心架空ケーブル) Product Description FutureGuide-LWP plus-200 Single mode optical fiber cable
Application optical fiber cable
Environmentally conscious The smaller fiber dimensions contribute to reduced cable volume and weight for product users. Cross-sectional area reduced by 36%, weight reduced by 22%.

Electronics business

自動車用ワイヤハーネス Product Description ASIC sensor (AG3F series)
Application Pressure sensor
Environmentally conscious Contributes to energy savings for customers by shortening lead times and reducing current consumption during use.

Electronics business

FPC(フレキシブルプリント基板) Product Description PACM-001
Application Touch key for rice cooker
Environmentally conscious Resist film thickness: 50μ ⇒ 20μ Electrode weight: 12.8g ⇒ 12.17g Consumables (resist volatiles) reduced by 60%.

Automotive Products

BNC75型同軸コネクタ Product Description ALEXH (35sq) lightweight harness
Application Aluminum harness for EV
Environmentally conscious The reduction in flexibility and connection resistance associated with the use of aluminum has been solved by thermoplastic elastomer and ultrasonic bonding, and the conductor has been changed from copper to aluminum to reduce weight. Contributes to improved fuel efficiency of EVs.

New business

ファイバレーザFLP-G11シリーズ Product Description FJKZ-034ML
Application WABE board for hearing aid
Environmentally conscious 30% area and 50% volume reduction compared to conventional products, energy saving of 5% or more during manufacturing, non-halogen and RoHS compliance.