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Green Procurement and Purchasing

As a premise to delivering products of high environmental quality to customers, we must use materials and components that have high environmental quality, too. Based on this recognition, Fujikura pays close attention to the following in order to minimize the amount of substances of concern (SOCs) contained in the raw materials it procures.

Green Procurement Activities

Surveys on SOCs

The Fujikura Group distributes its Guidelines on Environmental Load Substances to all main suppliers, asks them to familiarize themselves with these guidelines, and conducts a survey of SOCs contained in the raw materials we purchase for products. For products in which SOCs are used, the concentrations are identified and managed in units of parts per million (ppm).

Requests to Suppliers

We ask our main suppliers to support us in environmental management in the following:

Surveying Supplier's Environmental Management and Requesting Improvements

We conducted a survey on the environmental management efforts of our main suppliers focusing on the following items, and based on the results of the survey we asked suppliers who were not implementing sufficient environmental measures to make related improvements.

Green Purchasing

The Fujikura Group posts a list of stationery and office equipment eligible for purchase on its intranet, where environmentally friendly models are indicated with the Eco Mark and Green Project Mark. Employees are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly products from the list when they want to purchase goods, in order to promote green purchasing across the Company. The rate of green purchasing in 2018 was 92% (at the Fujikura head office district).