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Effective Use of Materials and Reduction of Waste Materials

Principles and Guidelines

Based on the Fujikura Group Environmental Management Action Guidelines Version 5 "Zero Waste Emission" and the Fujikura Group Environmental Long-Term Vision 2050 "Effective Utilization of Resources and Resource Recycling", we promote efficient use of resources to reduce the amount of waste generated Reduce.

The Fujikura Group defines zero waste emissions as "to reduce the final disposal amount of waste discharged from production activities to zero."


In domestically consolidated companies, (1) Improve the basic unit of waste discharge by 1% or more annually compared to the fiscal 2015, (2) We are working to continue waste zero emissions.

FY2017 Efforts

Zero Emissions

The Fujikura group defines our zero emission activities as "a final amount of zero waste products emitted in the production process." Specifically, our zero emission plan is reducing the waste material produced while increasing the yield by weight (efficiency of materials in relation to manufactured goods) at production centers (reduce), reuse any possible materials (reuse), and find businesses that can use waste materials effectively (recycle).

Results of FY2017 Activities

Total domestic emissions and final disposal ratio

Total waste discharged from 27 domestic offices in the Fujikura Group totaled 19,561 tons (a reduction of 453 tons from the previous year). Among them, the amount of recycled was 19,528 tons, the final disposal volume was 33 tons (30 ton reduction from the previous year), the final disposal ratio was 0.17%, which was lower than the previous year's 0.31%.

There was also no serious leak in the Fujikura Group. In addition, as waste of hazardous waste, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) waste was managed according to laws and regulations and transported in order to proceed with deadline processing.

Recycling volume and recycling rate of Fujikura domestic group

Recycling volume and recycling rate of Fujikura domestic group Image

Fujikura Domestic Group Waste Total Emissions Trend

Fujikura Domestic Group Waste Total Emissions Trend

     ※ 23 bases until FY 2015. By group reorganization 27 bases from fiscal 2016.

Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion

With the slogan, "Becoming a people-friendly and environment-friendly business group," the Fujikura group promotes energy and material-saving activities at each company, workplace, and for each person. One of those efforts is the "Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion." It aims to stop people thoughtlessly buying plastic bottles or using paper cups. The campaign is promoted via the intranet CSR site of each workplace, and by encouraging individuals to register for the "Recommended! Personal Cup/Bottle" section. The campaign section is now in its 7th year thanks to this coordinated effort.

Personal Cup/Bottle Promotion