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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
Ⅳ.Governance (G)
■ [Core Subject⑥] Organizational Governance
  • Efforts on corporate governance
  • Organization of the Fujikura Corporate Governance System/External Director and External Corporate Auditors
  • Corporate Governance Code
  • Fujikura Group Code of Conduct/Promotion system/Internal Reporting system
  • International trends and our measures
  • Compliance with the Antimonopoly Act
    Our initiatives/Presence or absence of violation in fiscal 2015NEW
  • Export control
    Basic Policy of the Fujikura Group for Export Control
    Our initiatives/Presence or absence of violation in fiscal 2015NEW
  • Anti-Corruption
    The Fujikura Group Anti-Corruption Policy
    Our initiatives/Presence or absence of violation in fiscal 2015NEW
  • Measures for the United Nations Global Compact
  • Measures for our Stakeholders
  • Information Disclosure for Investors
    Socially Responsible Investment/Evaluation from outside (FETS 4 Good et al.)NEW
  • Local Communities, Governments and Envirment
  • Information release to our customers and business partners
  • Dispatch of information to employees
  • Proactive Information Dispatch (by Stakeholder)
  • Fujikura Group's brand logo/Fujikura Group's policy on the brand logo/Brand and trademark seminar
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Acquisition and management of intellectual property/Trade secret management/Policy concerning technology outflow prevention
  • Intellectual property activityNEW/Number of patents owned and applications fileNEW

Fujikura Group Activity Guidelines [Sincere corporate activities] (①-⑤)
We conduct corporate activities sincerely, complying with all relevant laws and regulations in the various counties and regions we operate in good faith. We conduct ourselves with a sense of ethics and social decency, recognizing ourselves as members of society.
We work on maintaining and improving customer satisfaction by providing useful, safe and high-quality products and solutions from the viewpoint of customers.
We conduct fair and transparent transactions in free and open competition.
We maintain a healthy and normal relationship with politics, governments, citizens and various organizations.
We manage and protect thoroughly information related to the Fujikura Group and its customers.