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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
Third-Party Opinion/Response to the Third-Party Opinion

Third-Party Opinion

In the final year of the 2015 Medium-Term Management Plan, the Fujikura group recorded record high sales and greatly expanded operating income, resulting in almost complete achievement of the plan’s goals. In his opening remarks, President Ito indicates the company’s intention to accelerate CSR promotion in tandem with the pursuit of financial performance for the five-year 2020 Medium-term Management Plan starting this fiscal year. He also related his expectations for further improvements in future corporate value on both financial and non-financial fronts.

The Fujikura Group's CSR Integration Report strikes a balance with its paired print and electronic media presentation. It is composed of a printed booklet version that distills and reports on essential content, together with a website that delves into a deeper level of disclosure to include detailed information. In addition, it presents a clear image of CSR efforts as the Group identifies its primary stakeholders and coordinates its responsibilities, challenges, and methods of communication.

The revised view on materiality - as implemented in the 2020 Medium-term Management Plan - is one key field that springs to mind as undergoing multiple changes in FY2015. Keeping in mind recent international social and environmental challenges and long-term investor perspectives that incorporate ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) assessments, priority measures were narrowed down to 12 items. We report on the steps used to filter materiality and the issues identified as a result of this filtering, and also demonstrate the relationships between these points and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Other points of special mention include the establishment of the Fujikura Group Environmental Long-term Vision 2050 within the Group’s CSR philosophy and the establishment of four innovative challenges. Particularly as we approach 2050, the goal of net zero CO2 emissions set for factories demonstrates the direction the industry should be taking. This is a direction consistent with the current of global opinion as reflected in the COP21 accord achieved December 2015. Through top-down establishment of challenging goals that must be achieved even without obvious concrete measures for achievement, a variety of creative and ingenious ideas can take form at both the management and workplace level. This will ensure steady progress toward realizing these goals.

One challenge for the future is that targets set for CSR and the environment are all limited to the domain of corporate activities. I believe that CSR priority measures and the 2020 Medium-term Management Plan can be integrated even further through goal-setting that incorporates CSV ideas - for example, initiatives that incorporate sustainability elements as enterprise opportunities within the domain of business.

Just as there is demand for intrinsic, organic CSR initiatives, there is also concurrent desire for more sophisticated information disclosure. Though the environmental data page provides detailed information disclosure that includes regulation values and voluntary standard values broken down by site, year-by-year indication of core ESG data - not limited to environmental data - across the group would allow readers to easily grasp the whole picture.

The special feature in this year’s report focuses on the founding of Fujikura Cube, a Special Subsidiary for the employment of people with disabilities. The sparkling smiles of the new hires fresh from their work commencement ceremony is a truly impressive sight. I have great hopes that we will integrate CSR with Fujikura’s core business in a way that only a company dedicated to Fujikura’s foundational management philosophy could.

Response to the Third-Party

ESG-related (Environment, Society, and Governance) changes in the environment encompassing our Group continue to accelerate. Together with the new CSR directions seen last year in the conclusions of COP 21 Paris and the adoption of UN SDGs, the responsibilities sought from and demands made of enterprises by society grow larger year by year. In addition, interest in information disclosure focusing on ESG is on the rise. In order to respond robustly to these social changes and social demands, we used our dialogues with Mr. Motoki to establish the 2020 Medium-Term CSR Priority Measures. These measures represent a five-year effort with activities starting in this financial year. With these measures set as our CSR priorities, we will steadily and reliably promote them across the Group.

We were fortunate enough to receive third-party advice based in an expert’s broad perspective from Mr. Motoki. In regards to the 2020 Medium-term CSR Priority Measures (Revised Materiality Items) and Fujikura Group Long-term Environmental Vision 2050 he evaluated, we hope to further strengthen our efforts toward realizing our goals as our efforts progress.

We are especially grateful for his commentary on the future issues regarding goal-setting that incorporates CSV ideas and increased sophistication for data disclosure. Following these recommendations, the Fujikura Group CSR Committee will thoroughly consider each proposal and proceed with investigations into future initiatives.

In July of this year, we established the Fujikura Group Long-term Environmental Vision 2050. With its inclusion of zero CO2 emission as a goal for 2050, the vision presents us with a truly massive challenge that also reflects our unflinching resolve in forward-thinking CSR activities. In order to create a sustainable society, we will work tirelessly to continue as a Group that customers appreciate and which society values. As we challenge ourselves to realize these lofty goals, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibility as a Group.