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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
Ⅲ.Social (S)
■ [Core Subject③,④] Human Rights and Labor Practices
  • Basic Principles
    Towards the formulation of human rights policy/Internal Reporting System
  • Enlightenment concerning human rights
    Measures for the United Nations Global Compact/Measures for the United Nations
    ISO 26000 and due diligence for human rights/Human rights-related activities conducted for stakeholders
  • Major activities in FY2015
    Efforts to Prevent Harassment/policy/Human Rights Day campaign/Fujikura Group Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
    Giving consideration to human rights in the procurement of materials
  • Basic principles, policies, and medium- to long-term vision
  • Promoting the success of Women
    Measures implemented by the United Nations and Japan/Policies and targets/Major Initiatives in FY2015
    Response to female success promotion law/Action plan for the Promotion of Women's activitiesNEW
    Percentage of female managers(Group,japan,others)NEW
  • Employment of people with disabilities
    Establishment of Fujikura Cube,a special subsidiary
  • Employment of foreign nationals
  • Basic principles・guidelines
  • Creation of comfortable workplaces
    Promotion of Work-life balance and improvements in the working environment
  • Activities to enhance employee incentives
  • Fujikura Academy's Approach to Human Resource Development
  • Human resource development activities
  • Quantification of the Group's CSR activities (Human resource development)
  • Development of global human resources
  • Occupational Safety and Health Activities
  • Preparing for large disasters
  • Fujikura Group's Occupational Health and Activities
  • The Fujikura Group's Health and Productivity Management Activities
    Policies and targets/Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration

Fujikura Group Activity Guidelines [Respect for human beings] (⑪-⑭)
We secure the safety of all people involved in corporate activities of the Fujikura Group to maintain and improve the working environment.
We aim to create a comfortable workplace, where all employees can fully demonstrate their initiatives and creativity, without discrimination.
We work on providing employees with opportunities equally and do all we can to assist them in maintaining their work-life balance.
We respect the rights of all people and never allow human rights violation, including forced labor and child labor.