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Message from the President
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Fourth Stakeholder Dialogue
Company Profile and CSR
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Human Rights and Labor Practices
Community Involvement and Development
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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2016
Ⅰ.Corporate Profile and CSR initiatives
■ Corporate Profile
  • Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy MVCV
  • Plans and Activity Results for Fiscal 2015
  • The Fujikura Group's Management Approach
  • G-FPS Activities
  • Company Profile
  • Global Fujikura Group
    Group company distribution map/number of employees/Male・female employee/Overseas sales ratio and employees
  • Introduction of our businesses
    Society, industry and our Group/Participation in industry associations
  • Message from the Top of R&D divisionNEW
  • Introduction of a Laboratories
  • Major research fields/New Products and Technologies
  • Measures for integrated reporting
    Response to the international taxation rules (OECD)NEW
  • Management Policies
  • Operating Results
    Selected Financial Data
■ Fujikura Group CSR Activities
  • Concept and Initiatives for CSR
    "ISO 26000" basis for our CSR activities
  • Fujikura Group CSR philosophy, basic policy, activity guidelines
  • Fujikura Group CSR Promotion System
  • Measures for Our Stakeholders
  • Materiality and the related activities
  • Toward the formulation of the new CSR Priority Measures 2020NEW
    Targets and plans for CSR priority measures
  • New initiatives in fiscal 2015NEW
  • Introduction and Utilization of International Initiatives and Guidelines
  • Initiatives for SDGsNEW
  • Promotion of CSR activities
    Stakeholder DialogueNEW