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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2014
Feature Article1

The Fujikura Group's "Health Management" Initiative
Employee health is an important corporate asset.

The Fujikura Group's Health Management

In December 2013, the Fujikura Group made the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration, which was addressed to both inside and outside the Group. It is needless to say that the health of individual employees is essential for themselves and their families. Moreover, employee health is an important corporate asset and an indispensable managerial resource. Companies where employees are working healthily and vigorously can enhance their productivity and competitiveness. Accordingly, the Fujikura Group regards employee health as one of its management priorities and is proactively implementing measures to promote the health of employees.

Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration

The Fujikura Group believes that employee health is one of our most important management resources. We support individuals in taking care of their own health, while we also promote organizational activities for healthcare as part of our goal to be a corporate group that is appreciated by customers, highly evaluated by society and whose employees work in vigor.

Employee health and disease prevention were first identified as an important issue for the Fujikura Group in 2010. Specifically in formulating the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan, we decided to foster measures for employee health based on the idea that "good employee health is the basis for corporate competitiveness" and as a result of discussing the significance of employee health for the Group to remain to be a corporate entity needed by society 10 and 20 years after. Then in the next year, or in 2011, we established a new in-house group named "Health Care Solution Group" and launched the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan toward the future.

We searched for an effective health promotion program for employees, but there were no companies that could offer such a program to us. We therefore decided to develop a new health promotion program independently, which would help individual employees manage their health data and conduct health promotion activities in an effective manner by the use of information technologies. We also distributed pedometers to individual employees so that they could monitor their health on a daily basis. In addition, we installed body composition monitors and manometers at our sites for employees to easily check their health at their workplaces.

FY Main activities
2010 Internally decided to include health promotion and disease prevention in the priority themes
2011 Established the Healthcare Solution Group within the Corporate Strategy Planning Division
Began developing a disease prevention program
2012 Started to establish a new firm-wide health promotion system
Began implementing a disease prevention program in some areas on a trial basis, targeting those covered by the health insurance system
2013 Completed the establishment of the firm-wide health promotion system and implemented the disease prevention program (first to third prevention models) targeting all those covered by the health insurance system
Made the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration (in Jan. 2014)

Major Health Services

Receiving a Prize of Excellence from the Director-General of the Health Service Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Receiving a prize of excellence from the Director-General of the Bureau

The Fujikura Group changed its attitude to employee health from responding to sickness to proactively helping all employees, including healthy ones, maintain their health and prevent diseases.

In order to help individual employees become more aware of their health and promote it further, the Group has been preparing a range of health promotion and disease prevention programs. It is quite innovative for a company that is not directly involved in the health industry to implement such initiatives and, in recognition of this, we received a prize of excellence from the Director-General of the Health Service Bureau at the second Healthy Life Expectancy Award held in November 2013 under the Smart Life Project implemented by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Subsequently in December 2013, we made the Fujikura Group Health Management Declaration both internally and externally with a view to fostering the management of employees' health. In line with the Declaration, we will further increase employees' health awareness and conduct activities for employees' health and disease prevention under the Group’s health promotion programs.

Self-Management of Health According to Risk Categories

In the Group's health promotion and disease prevention activities, employees are classified according to their health risks and provided with programs made for their risk categories. This helps employees recognize what health situations they are in and allows them to choose the programs suitable for their own situations. Specifically, based on the regular health checkup results, employees who show symptoms of preventable diseases are identified and asked whether they have already received treatment at medical facilities or not. All the information thus obtained is analyzed, and individual employees are classified into "high risk," "medium risk," "low risk" and "healthy" categories according to the urgency and gravity of any complaints, and are subdivided into groups by disease within each category. Then the Group decides on the measures to support employees' health according to their risk categories and groups, in consideration of the cost effectiveness of the disease prevention measures to be implemented for each category and group.

Enjoyable Health Promotion Activities

All employees can participate in the health promotion programs implemented by the Fujikura Group through their "personal websites." Specifically, they can check changes in their body composition measurement data (body weights, pedometer measurements, body fat, muscle mass and bone mass) in graphs to visually recognize that physical exercise can promote their health. In addition they can get useful information about what type of exercises they are suited to. Moreover the Group holds various events, such as a walking rally, in which employees can participate with the pedometers distributed to them by the Group. As a result, some employees have increased their pedometer measurements by as many as 1,000 steps or more per day, and others have decreased their weight or improved their body composition measurement results. The Group now plans to hold more events in which healthy employees are willing to participate too.

Second event organized by Fujikura to encourage employees to walk more
("Fifty-three Stages of Tokaido" event)
Using the pedometers, employees can enjoy walking every day, feeling as if they were traveling the Tokaido road (the ancient road from Tokyo to Kyoto).

Preventing Mental Diseases through Workplace Health Promotion Activities

As part of measures to promote employee health, the Fujikura Group began conducting workplace health promotion activities to help individual employees promote their mental health. In the workshop-style activities, employees mutually discuss the measures to make their workplace more comfortable. The results are quantified into health-related KPIs, and more measures will be implemented to further foster workplace health. We are now conducting this activity on a trial basis and will expand it to more workplaces based on the results of the trial.

We at the Health Management Promotion Division are working to help individual employees enjoy promoting their health and preventing diseases, and to provide them with more comfortable workplaces, where they can all maintain their physical and mental health.

Yukihiro Nakayama

Yukihiro Nakayama
Manager of the Health Management Promotion Division