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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2013
Message from the President

In fiscal 2012, we made all-out efforts to recover from the damage caused by the flooding in Thailand in 2011 and implemented multiple measures to mitigate any damage caused by future disasters. We also endeavored to regain the trust of our global customers and meet their new expectations in the field of electronics. The electronics business represents one of core business for the Fujikura Group, in which we supply flexible print circuit (FPC) boards and connectors. It will take more time for us to rebuild solid relations of trust with our customers, and based on this recognition all Fujikura Group members are committed to making strenuous efforts to regain our customers' trust and to recover and further foster the business. As for other manufacturing fields, the market for our products is shrinking due to the maturation of the electricity, communication and other infrastructure industries. We are responding to these changes in our business environment by reforming our system in Japan and by shifting our resources to growing overseas infrastructure markets, mainly in emerging economies.

In April 2013, the Fujikura Group embarked on reorganization and business structural reform in order to respond to changes in the business environment. Specifically we reorganized the existing business departments into four in-house companies, which now supervise the relevant manufacturing and marketing bases of Fujikura Ltd. and also domestic and overseas Group companies. Under the presidents of the in-house companies who take clear responsibility for the business, each in-house company will make prompt responses to customers' needs and anticipate the new needs of customers, while cooperating with one another to increase the entire Group's business efficiency. Based on these reforms, we will accelerate the implementation of our global strategies to achieve the targets set in the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan.


The Fujikura Group deems as its corporate social responsibility (CSR), the achievement of both the creation of a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Group, by conducting corporate activities that are friendly to people as well as to the global environment.In fiscal 2012, we implemented new CSR initiatives in addition to the 25 items listed in the priority CSR measures (II) to be completed by the end of fiscal 2015. The new initiatives implemented in the fiscal year include the following.
First, we held our first stakeholder dialogue meeting, inviting a professor, an expert and a customer to share their opinions on our CSR and environmental management. Second, as part of our efforts to conserve biodiversity, we held our first seminar on biotopes at the Millennium Woods, a bio-garden we opened in the center of Tokyo. Through the seminar, which attracted broad participation, we have achieved better public understanding of the activity and our efforts to protect various living creatures. Third, we began to operate our own tailored health promotion program as part of our occupational health and safety activities, in addition to implementing mental health promotion measures. We also fostered cooperation with our business partners regarding the issue of conflict minerals and worked on business continuity planning (BCP) for the entire Group.

The Fujikura Group will continue to proactively implement measures in a socially responsible manner backed by the strong commitment of our employees, aiming to become a corporate group that is appreciated by customers and highly evaluated by society. On behalf of our Group, I would like to ask for your understanding and continued support.

Yoichi Nagahama

in-house company