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CSR Report

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2013
Editorial Policy

This year, as in the previous year, we have created our CSR report based on the seven core subjects of the ISO 26000 international standard on social responsibility while also working to enhance the content of the report in line with the following editorial policy.

  • We will report about the in-house company system adopted for the structural reform of the Fujikura Group in the “Message from the President.”
  • We will respond to the “Third-Party Opinion” given in the previous CSR report in the section following this “Editorial Policy.”
  • For recommendations made in the stakeholder dialogue introduced in the “Feature Article” of this CSR report, we will report how we have responded to these (as of June 2013) in “6. The Environment.”

In the online CSR Report 2013 (in HTML format), we also report about new initiatives to help stakeholders deepen their understanding of our CSR activities.

The following outlines the major features of the online report:

  • We introduce the details of our first stakeholder dialogue meeting in the “Feature Article.”
  • In “4-7. Information Disclosure and Communication,” we report how we disclose information to each category of stakeholders in a more intelligible manner.
  • For the clarification of the “materiality” of measures, which was deemed necessary in the “Third-Party Opinion” in our previous CSR report, we report about materiality and related activities as well as about the relationship between materiality and our priority CSR measures in “4.4 Concept and Initiatives for CSR.”
  • We introduce CSR activities conducted by Group companies more widely than before.
  • We also report about the addition of a provision on biodiversity to the Fujikura Global Environment Charter, the launch of a new website for children titled “Ikimono Wonderland” and also about a seminar on biotopes.
  • In the “Social Contribution Activities” section, we report about our support to the Fujikura Foundation in addition to an introduction of Fujikura Gakuen.
  • In the “Business Continuity Plan (BCP)” section, we introduce the Fujikura Group’s BCP policy, and in the “Procurement Activities” section, we introduce the newly established Fujikura Group Basic Procurement Policy.
  • In order to increase the completeness of information disclosure made in the report, we have included tables for comparison with the GRI Guidelines, ISO 26000 and the Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles in the “List of Comparison Tables.”

For the annual CSR report, starting last year we shifted our focus from the hardcopy version to the online HTML version in a bid to increase the amount of information provided in the CSR report in accordance with the expansion of Fujikura Group’s CSR measures. We hope you take the time to look at both versions.

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2013 (full version in HTLM format)
- Online report
- Available in Japanese and English
- Published in September 2013

Fujikura Group CSR Report 2013 digest version
- Available in Japanese
- Published in September 2013

Annual Report 2013
- Hardcopy and PDF (54 pages)
- Available in English
- Published in August 2013

Response to the Third-Party Opinion