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Please read the notes below before making an inquiry

Product-related Incidents Inquiries

If a product accident and/or a serious product accident ( hereinafter " product accident etc.")occurs or may occur with the use of our products, please contact the below "Product Accident etc. Inquiry Desk".

"Product accident etc." refers to any of the following cases occurs with the use of our product.
- Accident which causes occurrence of danger to lives or bodies
- Incident which may cause occurrence of danger to lives or bodies due to damage etc. of our product.
- Fire or accident which may cause fire
- Carbon monoxide poisoning or accident which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning

Instructions for completing the Inquiry/Request Form
Please fill in the form using alphanumeric characters.
Do not use special characters (such as circled numbers).
In certain cases, data entered in the form may not be transmitted correctly.
Items marked "*" must be completed.

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Date of occurrence(Date when you recognize the accident or incident)
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Existence or non-existence of product damage Unknown**
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