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Development of Millimeter-wave Bandpass Filter

February 5, 2016

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) has developed a millimeter-wave bandpass filter for 60 GHz band (IEEE802.11ad/ WiGig).

This is the first bandpass filter realized by silica-based post-wall waveguide in the world with an extremely low insertion-loss of about 2dB at 60 GHz.

The silica-glass based post-wall waveguide is composed of copper plating layers formed on both sides of the silica-glass and through-holes with100µm- diameter and 200µm -spacing, and has realized an extremely low transmission-loss of 0.033 dB/mm at 85 GHz. The filter was fabricated with high processing accuracy required for millimeter-wave band use by applying µm-level wafer level processing technology which Fujikura has been developing. WiGig using 60 GHz band enables high-speed and several dozen volume of telecommunication compared with conventional wireless LAN, and is expected to apply for the next generation of wireless LAN which transmits large volumes of data including video within a short time.

Millimeter-wave Bandpass Filter

Millimeter-wave Bandpass Filter

Measured S-parameters

Measured S-parameters