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Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

Dividend Policy

Fujikura's basic policy concerning distribution of profit is to ensure stable dividend payment (to shareholders) in a consistent manner taking into account a comprehensive understanding of our business situation, dividend payout ratios, internal reserves reflecting on future business development and other factors. In addition, Fujikura aims at effectively utilizing internal reserves to provide management with the resources necessary to exploit business opportunities that offer future potential growth and to streamline existing business.

About dividend

Record Date Year-end dividend Mar. 31
Interim dividend Sep. 30
Dividend payment date Year-end dividend June
Interim dividend Around the beginning of December
Changes of dividend per share

FY 2018 Year-end ¥7.0(Est.)
FY 2018 Interim ¥7.0 December 4, 2017
FY 2017 Year-end ¥5.0
FY 2017 Interim ¥5.0
FY 2016 Year-end ¥4.0
FY 2016 Interim ¥4.0
FY 2015 Year-end ¥3.5
FY 2015 Interim ¥3.5