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Labor Practices

Human Resource Development

Basic Principles and Guidelines of Fujikura Academy's Human Resources Development

The Fujikura group renewed our business management philosophy in 2005, and in accordance with it, we strive as a group to both contribute to society and create value for our customers using "Tsunagu" technology. In conjunction with this effort, the Fujikura group's employees act on a policy of "everyone is a star." To continue as a globally-effective economic entity, the Fujikura group manages the Fujikura Academy as a training and education program for employees. In addition to compulsory courses on compliance and risk management, the Academy also offers all employees opportunities to access self-directed training from a diverse menu. All of this training contributes to value improvements for customers.

Human Resources Development Philosophy

Human resources development builds on the four pillars of "OJT (On the Job Training)." "OFF-JT (group training)," "Self Development," and "Job Rotation," all of which are familiar from countless workplaces. The foundation that supports them is the act of "building a climate and soil for human resource growth." Given that OJT is the standard form of training in the workplace, the Fujikura Academy plans and implements training programs in order to support this development. The Academy emphasizes "awareness," and curricula focus on fields that are often overlooked in OJT, as well as company-wide topics not accessible from the workplace. E-learning and remote learning programs are also available in order to support and stimulate self-development.

Education System (Human Resources Development System)

Mandatory Stratified Training for All Employees
We have training programs for each career stage, including programs for employees in the first, second and third year of employment, and for OJT, team leaders, and managers. There are also programs for managers who support the personnel system, such as a training program for evaluators.
Selective Training
We provide selective training designed to develop leaders for manufacturing and other business operations.
Optional Training
We also provide a range of optional training programs for proactive use by employees who are highly motivated to improve their abilities regarding presentations in Japanese and English, communication, management, and accounting, and by employees who are recommended by their managers to receive extra training.


Fellow Certification System

Fujikura Ltd. certifies the following employees as "fellows" (special researchers) and treats them as being equal to directors: those engaged in technology and R&D fields who are widely recognized for their considerable expertise and wonderful personality and who have achieved outstanding results; and those who received outstanding external evaluations in academic and scientific fields. At present, the company employs three fellows, who serve as good models for those working to achieve higher goals in technology and R&D fields.

Human Resource Development Activities

FY2016 Activities and Results

Over FY2016, a total of 33,000 Fujikura employees participated in an immense variety of company human resources development activities, including company-wide group training, remote learning, e-learning, and self-development support programs all run by the Fujikura Academy, as well as specialized training run by each relevant departments (quality, craftsmanship, intellectual property, legal), compliance training, and risk management training.


  No. of participants Breakdown
Men Women
FY2016 Training and seminars Results 33,491 27,683 5,808

Quantification of the Group's CSR Activities (Human Resource Development)

The unit price of time is used in the Keidanren Questionnaire (unit price of 4,000 yen / hour)

Training hours per employee

Educational cost per employee

[Major Seminars Held as a Part of Human Resource Development Activities]

  • Mandatory training and training for new employees, language seminars, and training provided by each in-house company and site
  • Seminars on occupational safety and health, mental health, health control, and BCP/BCM
  • Seminars on management philosophy, CSR, manufacturing, quality and the environment, intellectual property, and the brand logo
  • Compliance and risk management training, and e-learning seminars

Development of Global Human Resources

Now The Fujikura Group has more than 50,000 employees across more than 20 countries and regions, who continue to develop innovative and useful products and solutions, and aim to be the most credible partner for customers through "TSUNAGU" technologies, dealing with manufacturing day and night.

In order to further enhance this effort, the key is global human resource that can be play an active role globally. The activities of human resource development for this, is one of the important pillars of management that leads to the future of the Group.

FY2016 Main Activities

The Fujikura group does business globally. We are actively engaged in efforts to secure and train personnel that are effective globally. This is a vital theme in the Fujikura group's future development.

Overseas quality-manufacturing training school

Overseas quality-manufacturing training school

Eliminating waste

Eliminating waste