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Fujikura Gakuen

History of Contributions to Fujikura Gakuen

Vision of the foundation

Harukichi Nakauchi
Harukichi Nakauchi

Fujikura Gakuen

Fujikura Gakuen was founded in 1919 by Harukichi Nakauchi, the brother of the founder of Fujikura Zenhachi Fujikura, who donated his private assets of 230,000 yen, land and houses with a view to providing a facility for protecting and educating children with mental disabilities.

At that time Harukichi Nakauchi had a vision to reconstruct agriculture and industry on the land at Oshima. He was then running a forestry business along with a camellia oil manufacturing plant. As a project commemorating his mother who had a charitable heart, he decided to set up Fujikura Gakuen as an institution for helping children with mental disabilities and also to contribute to the industrial development of Oshima.

Donating Electric Wire

Front Gate of Oshima Fujikura Gakuen
Front Gate of Oshima
Fujikura Gakuen

The 132,000 m2 farm had been the vacant lot of a former camellia oil plant and was situated inland of Oshima about 2 km away from the coastal town. Fujikura (then Fujikura Electric Wire) thus built electric poles and laid electric wires between the facility and the town as a donation to the Gakuen.

The facility building was significantly damaged in a tornado in November 1928, and then President Tomekichi Matsumoto donated 10,000 yen toward restoration work.


Participating in Management as an executive board member

Senior Managing Director Kamon Hyodo joined Fujikura Gakuen, which had become a social welfare corporation in 1952. To this day, Fujikura continues to participate in the management of the corporation.

Fujikura Gakuen Supporting Group

We established a group within the Company to support Fujikura Gakuen and have for many years invited employees to join. Now, supporting activities have expanded beyond our employees to the Group Companies, and voluntary support and assistance are also being provided.