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Environmentally Friendly Products

The Fujikura Group conducts lifecycle assessments of its products to increase their environmental performance. Specifically, we assess the eco-friendliness of our products throughout their lifecycle (procurement of materials, manufacture, use and disposal) at their planning, development and design stages.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Total registration of environmentally friendly products

Green Mind Products

The green product management committee examines the product assessment check sheets submitted by the business departments and registers products that meet the predefined criteria as "Green Mind Products." In fiscal 2016, 62 products were registered as Green Mind Products. The number of products registered during the period from fiscal 2010 to 2016 has totaled 474.

Green Products

Under our Green Product certification system, which we have established to foster the development of more environmentally compatible products, we certify products that are even more environmentally friendly than Green Mind Products as Green Products. We label Green Products with the Green Project mark and approve the use of this mark according to the rules for ISO 14021 Type II environmental labeling.

Green Mark

Environmentally Friendly Products

Optical Fiber Business Unit

Optical Fiber Distribution Cable Product Description Optical Fiber Distribution Cable
Application Overhead optical cable for FTTH
Features Made using intermittently fixed ribbon of fibers, the cable is up to 54% thinner in diameter and as much as 45% lighter than conventional products.

Infrastructure Business Unit

DC Cable for Solar Power Plant(Solar-CQ) Product Description DC Cable for Solar Power Plant(Solar-CQ)
Application Direct-current cable for exclusive use at solar power plants
Features The cable is thinner and more compact than conventional products for easier use, and is also eco-friendly because it is made using insulated wire and sheath materials that do not contain heavy metals such as halogen substances and lead.

Fiber Laser Business Unit

High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser FLP-G series Product Description High-Power Pulsed Fiber Laser FLP-G series
Application Metal and non-metal marking and scribing (patterning)
Features Compared to Fujikura's conventional products, the maximum output has increased from 55W to 75W, while the basic performance remains unchanged and the volume is reduced by half. This series of fiber lasers are thus highly power- and resource-saving.

Electronics Business Unit

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits) Product Description FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits)
Application Internal wiring for electronic devices
Features Responding to growing environmental requirements in recent years, the flexible printed circuit does not contain substances of concern (SOCs) such as halogens and lead.
FPC connector
FPC connector
Product Description FPC connector
Application FPC connector
Features This ultra low-profile and fine-pitch connector is ranked in the top class in the industry. Compared with conventional products, the height and area are both reduced by 25%. This eco-friendly connector complies with the RoHS Directive and does not contain any halogen substances.

Automotive Products Business Unit

Automotive wire harness Product Description Automotive wire harness
Application Automotive wire harness
Features The ultra-thin wire (CIVUS wire) is 10 to 20% thinner in its outer diameter and 20 to 30% lighter than conventional products since it is composed of a compressed conductor and a thinner insulator.

New Business Development Area

Optical Camera Link cable Product Description Optical Camera Link cable
Application Optical cable for industrial application cameras, conforming to the Camera Link standard
Features This cable converts image signals to optical signals, transmitting them through optical fibers. Images can be transferred up to 100 m, surpassing the maximum cable length limit of 10 m within the Camera Link standard. It conforms to RoHS standards, and when compared to conventional products the cable reduces power consumption by 70%, volume by 50%, and weight by 70%.
WABE (wafer- and board-embedded) package component-built-in board Product Description WABE (wafer- and board-embedded) package component-built-in board
Application Component board with built-in IC chip for use in wearable and medical/health care equipment-WABE package
Features By incorporating an IC chip onto a multilayer polyimide film board, we’ve made it possible to dramatically reduce electronic circuit size. This board achieves a size reduction of over 50% by volume when compared with conventional products.