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NO.1 World Market Share

"Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer" Development Story

Phase.5 And Then, Toward the Future

The future of the fusion splicer business depends on the "challenging & creative spirit" of the next-generation leaders, those who will overtake the achievements of their illustrious predecessors.

三次元測定In the midst of global computerization, DWDM technology is penetrating. Also, optical fibers along with amplifier technology are still in the course of remarkable progress as those with other advanced functions are being developed. In order to realize optical communication devices of a high performance and high quality, it is also essential to improve the fusion splicing technology. Fujikura has developed the "factory-spec model" specialized in fusion splicing of optical amplifiers and peripheral devices, and is now promoting its diversification. Although it was witnessed a drop following the collapse of the IT bubble, the "factory-spec model" is now being used globally for manufacturing optical communication devices. Moreover, in the future we are expecting to develop a fusion splicing system for optical fiber razor processors and optical fiber sensors.

The use of optical fibers is rapidly diversifying to fields other than communication. So long as optical fibers exist, fusion splicing technology will exist as well. In order to identify further business opportunities, we will never stop incessantly challenging ourselves.

Looking back, the current optical world may well not exist without Fujikura's fusion splicer. This gives us a hint of the extent of the role Fujikura played. Product development of fusion splicer involves three slogans that remain in play to this day:

  • 1.Be No.1 in the world! (Developing unrivaled products is the only way for us to survive.)
  • 2.Keep up with what you stick to! (Never give up.)
  • 3.Do not fear problems! (Challenge something new.)

It is tough to maintain the No.1 market share in the world market for a continued period. Fujikura's success in doing so proves that these three slogans are firmly rooted in the Company spirit.

Fujikura's fusion splicer business—progress is still on its way. What possibilities lie ahead? This will depend on the "challenging & creative spirit" of the next-generation leaders who take over the achievements of their illustrious predecessors.

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