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NO.1 World Market Share

"Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer" Development Story

Phase.3 Drama in Sales Operation

Initial reaction to "FSM-20" was clouded with doubt. However, its functional properties soon gained admiration, and within time it was considered the de facto standard.

Development team members, who were convinced of the business success of "FSM-20," started traveling throughout the world, diligently carrying demonstration models. Yes, they took an approach with an eye on the global market from the very beginning. They triumphantly knocked the door of potential customers. But there was doubt with comments like, "You can directly view the core? Unbelievable!" In addition, we received comments such as: "The main body must not be separated. It should be more compact!" The first year thus passed with continuous hardships. What did work in our favor was that at least potential customers were kind enough to try it. After actually using it, they were gripped with surprise to find it so functional. That surprise gradually grew to admiration.

In the United States, Bell Telephone Laboratory introduced a large number of the model. This result became a sort of guarantee and rocketed evaluation to ignite the business. In the United States, in particular, Fujikura's fusion splicer was given the name "PAS (Profile Alignment System)" and it wasn't long before it started to dominate the global market.

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