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Development of Cable for 10,000 m-class Remotely Operated Vehicle "KAIKO"

Phase.4 The Leader in Cable Development

Achieving technological breakthroughs and accumulating empirical values, Fujikura firmly established its position as the leader in underwater cable development and cables for ocean development.

March 24, 1995. At the moment of success, having conquered a number of hardships, the project members were reflecting on their past challenges. The impression shared by the members was a deep emotion that "men will grow when they corner themselves to the limit in a limited period of time and under pressure." Further, when their work ended up achieving a world record, each and every project member, grew again, as a matter of course.

The achievements of this project were recognized globally as a technological culmination of ocean development. This feat, however, had not been realized overnight. Since 1915 when we installed the first underwater cable at the mouth of the Tone River, Fujikura has participated in a large number of underwater cable projects both at home and abroad, leading every one of those projects to success. Meanwhile, the Company continued to steadily clear high-level hurdles in the development of cables for ocean development, and achieved dramatic technological progress through involvement with "DORFIN-3K" and the current "KAIKO".

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