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Cables and Equipment

Cables and Equipment

Medium/low voltage cable accessories

Cables and accessories for wind farms

Recent environmental concerns drive Japan to develop clean and renewable energy sources. Fujikura has been supplying many kinds of accessories for power distribution systems for more than 30 years.

Recently, Fujikura products such as separable connectors for switchgear and flexible power and control cables have been incorporated into wind farms.

To meet the variety of market requirements, Fujikura develops customized pre-terminated cables and accessories. More than just physical products, Fujikura provides comprehensive solutions for wind energy distribution networks.

separable surge arresters for switchgear wind farm

Quick Charging Connector for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The practical implementation of electric vehicles (EVs) represents one of the major innovations of the 21st century. Due not only to the concern over the issues of exhaustion of oil resources and achieving CO2 reductions, but also with growing expectations of EVs as batteries for use in daily life, the EV has, without doubt, become an important element in our daily lives. For this reason, charging connectors for EVs must be safe, simple and easy to handle.

Throughout its history, we have produced a wide diversity of components featuring high quality and reliability as products that support the stable supply of electric power. Against a background characterized by the technologies we have cultivated in the field of high-voltage applications, we are developing quick charging connectors for electric vehicles as products that both match the day-to-day needs of our customers and contribute to society

Quick Charging Connector for Electric
Vehicles (EVs)
Connected to EVs

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