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Cables and Equipment

Cables and Equipment

Wide-band leaky coaxial cables (WBLCX)

Wireless communication as represented by wireless LAN, terrestrial digital broadcasting, and one-segment broadcasting is spreading significantly toward the achievement of ubiquitous society. To ensure radio communication in areas where it is difficult for radio waves to penetrate, however, it is necessary to install additional retransmission antenna and access points. We focuse our attention on Leaky Coaxial Cables (LCX), which have been traditionally used for applications such as railroad radio communications, and perform research and development on LCX that enable high-speed communications and large volumes of data and can ensure stable communication areas even at locations where it is difficult for radio waves to penetrate simply by laying the cables. We have developed new LCX used for wireless LAN named WBLCX-10D/20D for 2.4 GHz in compliance with IEEE802.11/11b/11g. And we further developed WBLCX-10D/20D for 5.2 GHz band in compliance with IEEE802.11a, which has attracted attention recently. We are performing research and development on the best products in accordance with the customer satisfaction.

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