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Optical system equipment

Optical system equipment

10 Gbit/s DWDM XFP optical transceivers

Fujikura is developing DWDM-enabled optical transceivers that are in compliance with XFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). These are optical transceivers, supporting 100 GHz-DWDM, which feature a smaller size, low power consumption and long-distance transmission. They have a high dispersion tolerance on the side of transmitter (TX) on which an external modulator is adopted and provide high sensitivity on the side of receiver (RX) on which an avalanche photodiode (APD) is adopted. A single unit of this product can support transmission up to 80 km. It is possible to apply the product to longer distance transmission by combining it with DCF (dispersion-compensating fiber) and an optical amplifier.

Optical transmitting waveform 10 Gbit/s DWDM XFP optical transceiver

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