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Optical system equipment

Optical system equipment

10 Gbit/s full-band tunable optical transponders

Our DWDM (Dense Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing) 10 Gbit/s optical transponder in compliance with the industry standard 300-pin MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) can transmit data over a single-mode optical fiber of up to 80 km. It embeds multiplexing and demultiplexing functions of electric signals and provides a parallel interface to the optical signals of 10 Gbit/s and the electric signals of 622 Mbit/s×16 bit.
  One of the greatest features is that it is equipped with a variable wavelength function by adopting a tunable laser diode. It can set 88 wavelengths at intervals of 0.4 nm (50 GHz) in each of the C-band or L-band and switches the wavelengths with remote control.
As the existing transponders adopt laser diodes of a fixed wavelength, transponders with different laser wavelength to each other must be prepared for WDM systems. As this transponder enables a desired wavelength to be set with one unit, any wavelength can be assigned within an optical network system. In addition, as one transponder unit can support multiple wavelengths, it provides overwhelming advantages to product variety reduction and management costs reduction for maintenance for telecom carriers.

Optical spectrum 10 Gbit/s full-band tunable optical transponder

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