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Optical system equipment

Optical system equipment

IP security


VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is indispensable to efficiently build enterprise networks using the Internet. Security technologies, such as those for authentication and encryption, are required to communicate important data through the Internet, a tool accessed by the general public. High-performance hardware and software are needed to transfer data at high speed while performing complicated encryption and decoding processes. We are working to develop hardware and software required for these VPN devices.

NGN support

The Internet is a best-effort network. VPN through the Internet has limitations to provide QoS (Quality of Service) demanded by users. On the other hand, NGNs (Next Generation Networks) guarantee the demanded QoS. VPN through NGN could be applicable to critical missions. The NGN-enabled VPN devices are required to have a function to negotiate QoS with an NGN service. Fujikura is developing software and hardware to build VPN through NGN.

    Ethernet VPN unit
Flebo Next Ethernet VPN Unit
Unit to build an Ethernet VPN by combining with FLET's services from NTT East and NTT West.

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