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Optical system equipment

Optical system equipment

Optical fiber fusion splicers/ optical fiber cleavers/ optical fiber identifiers

In the wake of speedier and larger-volume communications, applications for optical fiber are burgeoning, especially in regard to telecommunications and data communications. Our optical system equipment, which includes optical fiber fusion splicers used when laying or maintaining optical fibers, measurement devices such as optical fiber identifiers and optical transceivers, various sets of LAN equipment capable of supporting even the Internet, and video transmission devices for CATV have received solid evaluations in a wide range of fields.
In particular, Fujikura, which has been developing excellent fusion splicing systems in optical fiber connection by always making full use of leading-edge technologies, has developed and put into practical use a core alignment fusion splicer ahead of the rest of the world, and has also been leading the world in terms of technical clout and manufacturing capabilities for various types of fusion splicers and peripheral devices ever since.

Single optical fiber fusion splicer
Single Fiber Fusion Splicer FSM-60S
World's best-selling fusion splicer powered with a core alignment (PAS: Profile Alignment System) function
Mass fusion splicer
Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer FSM-60R
High performance fusion splicer capable of splicing ribbons up to 12 fibers at once
Ultra compact fusion splicer
Ultra compact mass fusion splicer
with the capability to splice single
fibers as well as ribbons up to 4 fibers
Mass fusion splice
Fusion Splice of Ribbon Fiber    
Optical fiber cleaver 
Optical Fiber Cleaver CT-30 
Palm size optical fiber cleaver
Optical fiber identifier 
Optical Fiber Identifier FLS-20T &

Measurement device used for
identifying fiber optic and measuring
power loss when laying optical fiber

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