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Optical Communications

Optical Communications

Optical fibers

Optical fiber manufacturing technology development

Fujikura has world-leading technology on optical fiber and has been carrying out research & development on novel optical fiber and advanced manufacturing technology to realize reliable and high quality communication network. We have three manufacturing technologies for optical fiber preform manufacturing: a Vapor Axial Deposition method (VAD method), a Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition method (MCVD method), and a Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition method (PCVD method). We have flexibility in research, develop and manufacture optical fiber, that supports various applications for optical communications and optical components, to select a suitable process for the optical fiber. Recently, this laboratory has aggressively addressed the development of technologies and materials, including the creation of new manufacturing methods, to develop optical fiber with more advanced functions.

Optical fibers for transmission

The range of use of optical fiber is expanding from applications such as long-distance cables spanning the sea over several tens of thousands of kilometers to connect Japan with the rest of the world and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) spanning several kilometers connecting households to interior household cable several meters in length.

We have carried out research, development and commercialization of optical fibers for transmission suitable for applications such as these. For example, low OH loss optical fiber is widely used for its ability to minimize the absorption of OH radicals, one of the causes of increased transmission loss. In addition, low bending loss fiber with its ability for tighter bending than conventional optical fiber and ease of handling (construction), is contributing to the spread of FTTH.

At the present time, we are conducting research into next-generation optical fibers for transmission that will be capable of coping with increasing transmission capacities.

  E.g.: Next-generation optical fibers for

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