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Material Technologies

Material Technologies

Cable Insulation Materials

Cable insulation materials need to have a variety of properties depending on the operating environment, so all manner of polymer materials are used. We are working to develop general-purpose plastics and rubber materials besides boosting the functionality of high-function engineering plastics, as well as developing composite materials that combine their properties. In addition, we are striving to develop materials of energy saving, recycling, and environmentally hazardous substances free. We are vigorously promoting development, including development of processing technology that capitalizes maximally on the properties of polymers, so that we can respond to needs in various fields.

Cross-section SEM image of a
high-frequency-low-loss cable coated
with micro-foamed polymer material
High-frequency-low-loss cable for
data transmission
Cable using coating materials that
features high heat-resistance and high

(For automotive wire harnesses)    

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