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Electron Devices

Electron Devices

Semiconductor pressure sensors

Fujikura has been performing research & development on piezoresistiv semiconductor pressure sensors. These sensors use silicon single crystal wafer as its raw material same as that of LSI. Piezoresistive gauges resisors and signal conditioning bipolar circuitries are formed on the wafer surface, and recessed area is formed on the back side of it by anisotoropic etching which is one of silicon micro machining technique.
Starting the developing efforts in this MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) field ahead of other companies, Fujikura has been successful in developing products by fully utilizing the technology. Our products have been used in many applications such as industrial measurements, FA(Factory Automation), electrical appliances, medical equipment, blood pressure monitors, and automobiles.

Pressure sensors Barometric pressure sensor
for wristwatches

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