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Electron Devices

Millimeter waves

High speed and large-data communication exceeding a few Gbps utilizing millimeter-wave band becomes more and more important these days. However, to popularize millimeter-wave consumer applications, we need to reduce the cost of millimeter-wave communication devices. We also have to overcome the technological issues such as realization of high-power CMOS amplifiers and high-performance antennas.
  Using unique fabrication process for glass and silicon, we are developing elemental technologies for realization of low cost and high-performance millimeter-wave communication devices. We have already succeeded in developing low-loss and compact microstrip line which achieves a quality factor Q of 52 at 60 GHz, bandpass filter(BPF), and the world’s highest-performance compact balun (size: 300μm × 400μm) achieving the insertion loss of 0.6 dB at 60 GHz .
  We continue to concentrate on research and development of basic millimeter-wave technologies such as improvement of the performance of CMOS power amplifier and implementation technology suitable for the millimeter-wave band.

Our Proposed Millimeter Wave Module Performance comparison of millimeter-wave balun

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