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Electron Devices

True three-dimensional interconnections

Through-hole interconnection technologies delivering electrical wiring on top and bottom by passing through a substrate of silicon, glass, or other material are attracting attention the world over. We have developed technologies for producing through-hole interconnections having a three-dimensional structures such as crank-shaped or Y-shaped inside a glass substrate - we call them true three-dimentional interconnections -, as a next-generation through-hole interconnection technology.
  As an arbitrary electrical interconnection can be formed in a substrate using this technology, a higher-density and more design freedom electric device package can be expected compared with the conventional through-hole interconnections having straight shape.
  In addition, when applying this technology to a system in package (SiP), in which multiple devices are integrated into a single package, realizing high performance and high functionality, it can contribute to increasing device speed by making it possible to minimize the distance between connected devices.

Structure of true three-dimensional
True three-dimensional interconnection

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