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Electronic Materials and Components

Electronic Materials and Components

High-tech ...in your palm

Waves of Microelectronics are sweeping the every accessible device and electronic equipment. Amid rapid technological innovation, the lead time from development to commercialization is becoming drastically shortened and high technology is put to use one after another as palm-sized products. Fujikura has a long history of developing a wide variety of wiring materials from their development and prototype production to mass-production. We intend to supply high-tech electronic components as system products that satisfy user needs.
This is our policy for electronic component development at Fujikura as a comprehensive wiring system creator.

Seat occupant detection sensors

Seat occupant detection sensors for automobiles are sheet-style sensors with a membrane switch embedded in the lower section of a seat and detect whether passengers are sitting on their seats. Actual applications are so-called seat belt reminder (SBR) sensors and repair cost reduction sensors. The SBR is a system that prompts passengers to wear their seat belts by detecting whether a passenger is sitting on their seats and issuing an alarm when the passengers do not use their seat belts working together with a seat belt wearing detection sensor. A repair cost reduction sensor not only detects whether passengers are sitting on their seats, but also differentiates whether a person or baggage is on the seat, according to the weight. It works as a system that controls the operation of each air bag with this function, eliminating the unnecessary inflation of air bags, resulting in no repair costs for an inflated air bag. Particularly, the safety functions for cars such as SBR are often regulated overseas, and we are developing sensors abiding by such regulations.

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