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Technologies that aim to create the future

Technologies that aim to create the future


Yttrium-based superconducting wire

Yttrium-based superconducting wire has high critical current, excellent mechanical and good magnetic characteristics, and as next-generation superconductor its applications are expected. Various applications are supposed for practical use and several verifications are ongoing, which include electrical power devices such as power cables, wind powers, transformers, fault current limiters, and energy storage devices, and medical equipment like MRI, analytical instrument like NMR, ship motors and industrial motors.
Yttrium-based superconducting wire has a multilayered structure and these ceramics layers are deposited onto a metal substrate. The technology fabricating high-textured layers is essential for this manufacturing process. Fujikura has performed research and development over many years and established original technologies manufacturing high performance superconducting wire. One is Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) method, which is the method fabricating buffer layer by controlling crystal orientation in three-dimensions at the nanometer level. Another is Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) method, which is the method of fabricating high-quality superconducting layer. These technologies enable us to manufacture superconducting wire of world's top performance. Fujikura has been selling superconducting wire since 2009 and achieved to develop the wire with longer piece length and higher performance. Currently we are to advance development of manufacturing technology for mass production. We are also developing superconducting coil and cable applications to evaluate our wires for practical use.
Fujikura will supply and develop Yttrium-based superconducting wire with the aim of contribution to a low carbon and high efficiency society.

  Structural diagram of yttrium-based superconducting wire  
800m long class superconducting wire Superconducting wire applied products
(conduction cooling type of coil)


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