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Technologies to connect the world

Technologies to connect the world

Metal cables

We depend on electricity, especially for our energy and information. Fujikura is developing metal cables and equipment used as transmission line to convey this energy and information to us.

Wide-band leaky coaxial cables

Wireless communications as represented by wireless LAN and terrestrial digital broadcasting/one-segment broadcasting are spreading rapidly toward the realization of the creation of a ubiquitous society.

Small diameter corrugated coaxial cables

Currently, mobile communication as represented by cell phones is capable of transmitting increasingly large volumes of information at higher transmission rate and frequencies.

IP security

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential technology for building corporate networks efficiently using the Internet.

Optical communication devices for access networks

We have been developing hardware and software for LAN-related devices for a long time—since the commercialization of 10BASE-5 transceivers in 1987.

RZ-DQPSK 40 Gbit/s full-band tunable optical transponder

This is a 40 Gbit/s long-distance optical interface module using the RZ-DQPSK format. It conforms to industry standard 40G 300 pin Multi Source Agreement (MSA) and operates at dual rates (43.02 and 44.57 Gbit/s).

10 Gbit/s full-band tunable optical transponders

This is a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) 10 Gb/s optical transponder that conforms to the industry standard 300 pin Multi Source Agreement (MSA) and supports transmission through a single-mode optical fiber up to 80 km.

10 Gbit/s DWDM XFP optical transceivers

We are developing an XFP optical transceiver that supports DWDM that is the most compact in the Multi Source Agreement (MSA) for 10 Gb/s transceivers. It features compactness, low power consumption, and long-distance transmission, providing 100 GHz DWDM.

Optical system equipment

In the wake of higher-speed and large-capacity communications, applications for optical fibers are expanding, especially in the fields of telecommunications and data communications.