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Technologies to connect humans and their environment

Technologies to connect humans and their environment

Metallic materials

We are conducting comprehensive research and development on materials and their manufacturing processes, and analyses and evaluations of various metals including electrically conducting materials and new materials. In addition to advanced research in electronics, automobiles, information and energy fields, efforts have been put into developing environmentally friendly materials and evaluating their reliability.

Polymer materials

Polymer is an excellent material because of light, flexible, highly electric insulation etc. So polymer is used almost products such as wire & cables, optical fibers, electric devices, electric components etc. We make effort to develop leading-edge materials such as more advanced and environmental compatibility products.

Electronic component materials

We make efforts to develop leading-edge materials and material machining technologies to respond to such needs as those for "smaller" and "more advanced" electronic components such as flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs) and membrane switches (MBSW) for which the Company boasts the top shares in the world.

Semiconductor pressure sensors

Fujikura has been succeeded in developingment of the piezoresistive semiconductor pressure sensors adapting MEMS technology. The pierzoresistive element and the bipolar integrated circuit are formed in the surface of a sensor element, and the space by a silicon micro fabrication is formed in the back. Our pressure sensors are used in many fields, such as industrial instrumentation, FA, home electronics, apparatus for medical treatments, electronic tonometers, and cars.

Magnetic sensors

Fujikura Flux-Gate (FG) magnetic sensors can detect micro magnetic fields at a level of terrestrial magnetism of 10 (A/m) with high precision. Compact and high-performance sensors have been developed by applying thin magnetic film formation technology and micro wiring technology to integrate soft magnetic material and a coil into a single chip.

Electric distribution systems and components for automobiles

Amid the advancement of the automobile industry and the ever increasing role electronics play as the driving force, the percentage of electronic components used is becoming higher every day. Fujikura deals with technical innovations in the "environment" and "safety" fields.

All-polyimide interstitial via hole co-laminated (APIC) boards

As the progress of downsizing and miniaturization of mobile electronic equipments, low-profile and high-density wiring boards have been strongly required. All-polyimide interstitial via hole co-laminated (APIC) board is a multilayer wiring board, which is low-profile, eco-friendly and produced by our propriet manufacturing process.

Low spring-back FPC

The flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards used for DVD pickups, HDD heads and the surrounding area of a lens of a digital camera are required to have excellent characteristics of low spring-back and bendability, with the aim of lowering the spring-back and saving power consumption.

Hinge FPC-1

A thin FPC that can be bent into any form is used for the hinge area connecting the display and the key switch section of a cell phone.

Hinge FPC-2

As cell phones are equipped with a wide variety of functions, including a high-pixel camera and IC card, FPCs as internal wiring materials are also required to increase the number of signal lines and the speed of response.

Multilayer FPCs

With the recent sophistication of hand-held devices such as smartphones, there are growing needs for multilayer flexible printed circuits (FPCs) that have both reliability and implementability.

Semi-Additive FPC

With the miniaturization and sophistication of electronic devices such as mobile phones, flexible printed circuits (FPCs) with enhanced density, transmission speed, and flexibility are required.

Seat occupant detection sensors

Seat occupant detection sensors for automobiles are sheet-style sensors with a membrane switch embedded in the lower section of a seat to detect whether a passenger is seated on it or not.

Ultra-Fine Membrane Printed Circuit Boards

We are producing membrane printed circuits that are formed by screen-printing conductive ink on a polyester film substrate.

HDD carriages

The demand for HDD has been increasing mainly in the PC market, and nowadays HDD is becoming widespread as it is being employed for new applications, such as HDD recorders and music players, in the digital household appliance market.

Micro coaxial cable assemblies

As our micro coaxial cables are thin and highly flexible and have noise immunity, excellent transmission characteristics in GHz frequency bands, they are used widely as wiring materials in the opening/closing or rotating structures of small electronic equipment such as cell phones.

Elevator cables

Recently, the elevator cables used in sky-rise building have been further progressing as they support the diversification of information such as that related to door control, air-conditioning, security cameras, card readers, and TV screens.

Medium/low voltage cable accessories

Efforts have been put into research and development using various materials including EP rubber, silicone rubber, and epoxy, for electrical wires, cable ends, and connecting components for middle-to-low voltage power distribution (35 kV or lower), and low voltage charging connectors for electric vehicles.

Heat pipes/assemblies

A heat pipe is a heat transport element that uses latent heat released from evaporation and condensation and enables high heat to be transported with only fractional temperature differences.

Heat sinks/vapor chambers

Fujikura provides high-aspect heat sinks with a high ratio of height to thickness in the fin as a high-performance heat sink with an aluminum extrusion and snap stack fin technology. These are used for the cooling, etc. of communication devices including CPU cooling in PCs and servers.

Integrated heat spreaders (IHS)

IHS, which disperses heat released from the CPU, is required as a heat dissipation product as the volume of CPU heat dissipation increases.

AOC: Active Optical Cable

Next-generation information devices and manufacturing machinery will require high-speed transmission of large volumes of data. Since meeting this need through electrical means presents difficulties, Active Optical Cable that provides compatibility with electrical interfaces has become the focus of attention as the wiring technology of the future.