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Technologies to protect the Earth

Technologies to protect the Earth

Cable Conductor Materials

We leverage our technologies for conductor materials accumulated over a long history in cables and wires to carry out a wide array of research and development centered on electrically conductive materials in all the areas of: energy, information, electronics, and automobiles. In addition to copper and aluminum, we are engaged in development of functional metal alloys and composite wiring materials that combine the characteristics of multiple materials, as well as the development of ceramic materials that exhibit heretofore unseen functionality. We not only promote the development of the materials themselves, but also develop plastic forming techniques that take advantage of simulation technology and fabrication processes that take account of materials that are difficult to work with and residual strain through the optimization of heat treatment conditions, as well as performing assessments that take full advantage of high-resolution transmission electron microscopes, X-rays, and electron rays, to promote the development of conductor materials that meet the needs of society.

Cross-sectional image of
copper-clad aluminum wire (φ5mm)
Profile of polygonal die hole (left)
SEM image of the side of a
polygonal wire (right)
Aluminum alloy wire
(For automotive wire harnesses)

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