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Optical Fiber Intrusion Detection System

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  • Since the sensor has no mechanical structure or electric circuit, little maintenance is required after the initial setting.
  • The optical fiber sensor cable, which has no metallic structure, is immune to lightning surges.
  • It is only necessary to lay a single sensor cable. The sensor requires no power line or signal line.
  • As the sensor is inherently explosion-proof, it is suitable for installation at petroleum and chemical plants where this characteristic is essential.

Easy installation
The cable can be easily laid on a fence.
As opposed to infrared sensors, no division of the site section and no finding of a line-of-sight path are required.
As opposed to tension sensors, there is no constraint when setting the sections to be monitored, and there is no need to reset the sensor after intrusion.
Easy replacement of existing sensors
The vibration sensor can provide RS232C data, contact, and TCP/IP outputs.
It is easy to replace existing broken wire sensors and infrared sensors with our optical fiber cable sensor.
Detection of an intruder before break-in
Since the vibration sensor detects an intruder before actually breaking into the premises, an alarm can be promptly issued.
Alarm instantly issued to indicate intrusion and location
When the vibration sensor detects abnormal vibration, it immediately determines whether it is an intrusion or prank, and in the case of intrusion, it identifies and notifies the location of vibration.
Easy link with security cameras
The monitored area can be divided into up to 100 sections (50 sections if a pre-alarm is issued), which facilitates linking with security cameras.
Monitoring long-distance and long sections
As a single sensor can monitor a section as long as 5 km and the approach section can be extended up to 10 km, large premises can be monitored efficiently.
  • Optical Coupler
  • Vibration Detector
  • Sensor Cable
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