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Loose tube Microduct Cable

Optical fibers are protected in loose tubes filled with Thixotropic jelly. These loose tubes are stranded around a central strength member. The cable core is water proof with water blocking material and outer sheathed for mechanical protection. Suitable for micro duct installation applications.

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  • Water Blocking
  • Microduct Installation


Item Content
Optical Fibers ITU-T G.652B/D, G.657
Reference Standard IEC-60794-3-10
Fiber Count 72 96
Cable diameter (mm) 6.0 6.5
Cable weight (kg/km) 30 35
Tensile strength (N) Installation 300 350
Permanent 150 170
Minimum bending
radius (mm)
Loaded 250 250
Unloaded 120 120
Installation Temperature (°C) -10 to +50
Operation Temperature (°C) -30 to +70
Storage & Transportation
Temperature (°C)
-30 to +70


Cables are securely wound on wooden drums in standard lengths of 2000m and are protected by wooden battens. However customized lengths are available upon request.

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