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DSC Power Module

Our DSC power module facilitates energy harvesting for electronic devices. This module combines a DSC, a booster IC and a secondary cell such as an ion capacitor. The module can be a replacement for an existing battery or coin-type battery and enables customers to save time andlabor to develop a power supply management circuit. This will speed up the commercialization of your products.

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  • Size and battery capacity customized to customer needs Available with or without case
  • Modules with case: power source in experiment
    Modules without case: mounted on other devices


Item Specifications
Voltage DC 3.0±0.2 V
Current Output Current : 100 mA (max)
Current Limit : ≤185 mA (10 μs)
Charging Capacity 27 mWh (=100 J) *equivalent to 9mAh at 3V
Demension of housing (mm) 58.3(H) ×123.3(W) ×15.1(D)


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