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Fujikura Launches New CT50 Optical Fiber Cleaver

May 16, 2018

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) is pleased to announce the development and launch of the new CT50 optical fiber cleaver, which offers better operability and maintainability than existing cleavers currently on the market. Sales of the CT50 will commence in the summer of 2018.
The CT50 offers enhanced drop impact resistance compared to other existing cleavers and allows workers to replace the cleaving blade and resin members that hold the optical fibers, providing customers with a drastic reduction in handling time and maintenance costs.
Existing cleavers on the market, when part of the disc cleaving blade is worn due to the repetitive cleaving of optical fibers, the blade must be detached, and after rotating the blade to an unworn area, reattached again using a wrench. The CT50 changes the position of the cleaving blade automatically and in accordance with the condition of the cleaving state of optical fibers on a fusion splicer through wireless communication. The CT50 also provides useful functions, such as displaying the remaining life of the cleaving blade on the screen.
In addition, the opening angle of the lever placed on the top of the cleaver expands over 90 degrees so that optical fibers can easily be set on the cleaving part. Adopting an inter-dependent mechanical system with which a disc cleaving blade performs to-and-fro movements by opening and closing the lever, the CT50 can complete cleaving works including scrap collection, with a single-step.

Example of product specifications

Model Name CT50
Number of fibers Single to 12
Cladding diameter 125 μm
Wireless communication Bluetooth 4.1 LE
Dimensions 120 mm (W) × 95 mm (D) × 58 mm (H)
Weight 320 g