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Fujikura Unveiled Pre-stubbed 288-Port Capacity Patch Panel

Feb 6, 2018

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Ito) has released* a high density pre-stubbed patch panel. Over the top (OTT) video and cloud services have expanded at a rapid pace driving the need for providers to install high fiber count cabling infrastructures. Optical fiber cabling as high as 1,728 and 3,456 optical fibers per cable are commonly seen as viable options to address network demands. Traditional solutions utilized to organize high-density optical cabling networks require space that isn't available in today's data center footprint. Therefore, Fujikura Ltd. has developed a pre-terminated patch panel that addresses the challenges of integrating a very-high optical cable fiber count in as little floor space as possible. *Mass production will begin in June, 2018.



1.24-port Book Shelf Type Adaptor Tray

This 24-port book shelf type adaptor tray slides 80 mm forward
so that a connector can be inserted and removed without affecting other connectors

2.Spacious Guide Clip

A guide clip that can accommodate 24 jumper cords sufficiently.
Simple operation to unclip jumper cords

3.Simple Maintainability

An Adapter tray can be removed by simply pulling it out
so that it enables to access backplane connectors.

4. Adjustable Rear Panel

Adjusting the angle of hinged rear panel enables easy installation.