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Development of DSC Power Module for IoT Devices

September 25, 2017

Fujikura Ltd. (President and CEO: Masahiko Ito) announces that it has developed a “DSC power module” easily realizing energy harvesting instead of batteries by embedding or employing it in small low-power IoT devices.

The recent growth in wireless technologies for IoT networks such as LPWA (e.g. LoRaTM, SIGFOXTM and NB-IoT*1) has been accelerating development of wide-area IoT sensing devices using such technologies. Energy harvesting technologies expect to be employed in numerous number of IoT device placed in broad area since these technologies can eliminate the time to replace batteries or installation cost of AC power supply line for the devices. Fujikura has commercialized dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) featuring high power-generation efficiency under lower-lighting conditions such as indoors or shady places as energy harvesters for the DSC power module.
Now, our DSC power module combining a dye-sensitized solar cell and a power supply management circuit with low self-consumption realizes efficient power supply to small low-power IoT devices. The module packages functions of charge-discharge and voltage stabilization together with a protective circuit into a single circuit board to provide stable power to devices even in fluctuated light energy (illuminance) .

A “hybrid power supply” extending battery life is configurable as a option in case of higher power consumption devices.

Our DSC power module efficiently converts light energy captured anywhere in living environment to electric power to provide stable voltage power to packaged "as is" into various small devices.

Fujikura will continue to support the development of ever-growing IoT devices through its energy harvesting technologies.

*1: LoRa is a registered trademark of Semtech Corporation.
   SIGFOX is a registered trademark of SIGFOX.

Fig. DSC Power Module

Fig. DSC Power Module