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Development of Board to Board Connector for Automotive/Industrial Use

October 1, 2015

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) developed a three- series of board to board connector used in the field of automotive and industrial fields: DFZ, DFZP and DFAA.

The new product responds to the demands of making cars electric controllable and light weight, and it has line up of two types of contact pitches: 0.6mm (DFZ, DFZP series) and 0.5mm (DFAA series). This has saved the space needed for circuit boards by narrowing contact pitches. It also has a floating structure (movable ±0.5mm in both X and Y directions) to absorb the difference of positions when plural connectors are mounted with two parallel circuit boards.

The DFZ and DFZP series adopt two-point-contact-structure (contacting at two points at role and cutting surfaces), and realized improvement of contact reliability. The DFZP series has power contacts that can have a maximum of 2A electrical current at both ends of the connectors, and 8 contacts and further space were saved required for the circuit boards.

The contact pitches of the DFAA series uses 0.5mm to minimize the spaces required for circuit boards, and allowed 10 % reduction when there are 60 pins compared to the above DFZ series. We are now examining the possibility of development of a product using the same pitch and the two-point-contact-structure and power source contact.

We will develop board to board connectors for various uses by increasing the variation of the height between connectors and the number of pins to respond to the requirements from our customers in the future.