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Development of Compact and Large-capacity Lithium Ion Capacitor Cells and Modules

July 6, 2015

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) has developed a compact, lightweight, large-capacity lithium ion capacitor cell and power supply module with high outputs.

In recent years, energy storage devices are used in various fields including the storage of naturally generated power such as solar power and wind power, backup in case of power outage, voltage leveling, peak current assist and energy generation. Lithium ion capacitor has increased energy density through storing lithium ion into carbon materials that are used for lithium ion batteries on the negative side in addition to the principle of electric double layer capacitor. With its high output capacitor, it is expected to expand its market, replacing electric double layer capacitors owing to its high energy density.

In general, energy storage devices are roughly divided into two categories. One is a battery with high energy density and low output density, and the other is a capacitor with high output density and low energy density. The capacitors is very useful for rapid charge and discharge, but it needs a large volume due to its low energy density. Fujikura has developed the product that has an internal resistance of 1 milliohm or less to allow rapid charge and discharge by making the most of material technology based on our proprietary technology of manufacturing electrodes. The cell has 1.5 times as much energy density as before while maintaining a feature of capacitors, high output. This enabled a 70% reduction in size and weight of the new power supply modules over conventional ones.

In addition, the power supply modules come incorporated with a management system to control the voltage of the cells and a function of communicating between power supply modules. Thus, different voltages and capacities become available by connecting more than two modules in series or parallel. Our new power supply modules are made up of combined cells, adapting to each system of 12V, 24V, or 36V.

The new product with rapid charge and discharge capability as well as large capacity realized compact and light-weight, and we expect the products to find wider application in the automotive, industrial equipment, building equipment, power and energy fields.

Lithium ion capacitor modules
(from the left, modules for 12V, 24V, 36V)