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Development of High Resolution Image Fiber for Endoscope

July 3, 2015

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) has developed an image fiber for endoscopes with resolution higher than our existing products. In recent years, the number of operations and examinations using endoscopes has been increasing since minimally invasive medical treatment (reducing burden on patients from operations or examinations) has been called for.

Endoscopes require to have high resolution for an accurate diagnosis. We designed an image fiber to best suit to endoscopes. The fiber has achieved good color reproducibility and high resolution that enabled recognition of 4.4μm-pitch lines.

Low-cost disposable endoscopes are desired from the viewpoint of safety and usability although endoscopes are normally sterilized after each use and repeatedly used. The endoscopes equipped with the image fibers can lower the cost.

Our new fibers are highly regarded by our clients and thus expects many inquiries in the future. We will continue to contribute to society through our proprietary fiber technology.

Extra view of endoscope

Transmitted image via high-resolution image fiber
(left:new product, right:existing product)
USAF-1951 test target was used. Fiber length:250mm
4.4μm-pitch lines marked by yellow circle. Number of pixels:30,000.