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Development of Waterproof FPC

June 5, 2015

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) has developed waterproof FPC. Recently, waterproofness has been required for mobile devices including smartphones. Conventionally, a cap with a sealing material has been used to make the devices waterproof. The method, however, has a challenge that it is unable to keep water from entering inside when the cap is removed to connect the device to a terminal.
The innovative product is always capable of preventing water intrusion by placing rubber seals between the terminal, case and FPC.

Rubber seals and FPC are made with overmolding and meet the waterproof standards of IPX8. This means the product pass the severe test that there is no water intrusion after leaving it at 1.5m depth in water for 30 minutes. It will be used for waterproof smartphones, digital cameras and other products.

Waterproof FPC