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Formulation of the 2030 Vision

March 28, 2017

Fujikura Ltd. (President and CEO: Masahiko Ito) has formulated our Vision for 2030 and is providing this summary for informational purposes.

[Purpose in Formulating the Vision]

The world is now changing on a scale and at a speed never witnessed before. It is developing and growing more uniform with the development of technology and acceleration of globalization as the population grows and economies become increasingly interrelated. Limitations posed by the environment, resources, energy, and other factors now threaten sustainable growth, and the concern of our not being able to maintain our current social and economic standard of living is causing concern about the sustainability of the world as a whole.

In the future that lies ahead, we must simultaneously resolve the problems of maintaining quantitative growth in emerging countries while achieving qualitative improvements driven by advanced nations that are reaching maturity.

We believe that taking the right kinds of actions in response to these "future needs" or "future social issues" are indispensable for maintaining our positive path onward into the future. Fujikura has therefore put a large amount of effort into carefully examining these issues, while working to formulate a vision that will drive a positive long-term outlook.

We cannot reach the future in 2030, 13 years from now, simply by continuing what we are doing today, but it is a reachable goal with the proper course corrections. We believe that this is a suitable timeframe for outlining the vision we aspire to and setting the milestones to target along the way.

We will present our Vision for 2030 and strive persistently to realize it based on our corporate philosophy, "Mission, Vision, Core Values (MVCV)."

[Framework of the 2030 Vision]


The Fujikura Group provides "Tsunagu" (Japanese for "connecting") technologies that will resolve problems to make our future society sustainable and pleasant, and will continue to increase our corporate value.

Four Market Segments Envisioned (Recognizing Problems and Taking Action to Resolve Them):

Advanced Communication
Spectacular progress in Internet of Things (IoT), analysis of big data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and other representative digital and networking technologies is not only achieving dramatic convenience improvements in communication, consumption, work styles, and other aspects of our lives. It is also causing a major tidal wave of change in the structure of our economy and society from the roots up and a corresponding change in the mindset of people.
We have coined the term "advanced communication" for the shared infrastructure that will bring about such structural reform. Our aspiration is to provide "advanced communication" based on the evolution of sensing networks to eliminate the walls between people, goods, and ideas and help realize a comfortable and vibrant society.

Energy & Industry
Climate change caused by greenhouse gases poses a threat to our daily lives. The depletion of resources and air pollution are also progressing along with population growth and the expansion of economic activity. The resulting environmental, resource, and energy issues are threatening the sustainability of the earth. The agenda specified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to adopt measures to combat climate change and its effects, and to establish a sustainable pattern of production and consumption, among other initiatives.
In the Energy and Industry segment, we will accurately define the characteristics and needs of communities and people and build highly sustainable power sources, power storage, and the infrastructure and systems to manage those that will provide a stable energy supply. We will also aim to help manifest a sustainable earth by employing high-efficiency, high-density processing technology and digital technology to achieve innovative monozukuri ("craftsmanship").

Economic growth and social development are fulfilling the basic needs of humans such as clothing, food, housing, safety and security. However, the resulting increase in average life span and improvement in the standard of living has also generated new problems for human kind, such as the lengthening of the time during which medical care and nursing care are needed, and an increase in overwork and other stress factors that exacerbate the adverse impact of these on both mental and physical health.
We have coined the term "Life-Assistance" to refer to the field of focusing on and trying to improve a person's quality of life (QoL). Our goal is to help improve healthcare and health literacy, extend the healthy lifespan, and improve the quality of life of people by providing various solutions for advanced medical treatment and community and work-based solutions based on a QoL platform.

In recent years, we have achieved dramatic evolution and diversification in both the hard and soft aspects of "vehicles," which serve as a means of delivering goods and transporting people in real communities. Driverless vehicles and ride sharing are expected to have a major impact on transforming the concept and purpose of "vehicles." Meanwhile, the need for on-demand delivery of goods is expected to remain at a high level due to changes in consumer behavior.
Our goal for the "Vehicles" segment is to help realize a society that makes safe, convenient transport and delivery possible. We will provide new means of transportation that anyone can enjoy, new means for low-cost, on-demand delivery of goods, and infrastructure and systems to support these in a society where the relationships between people and people to goods are changing.

[Near-Term Initiatives]

Fujikura will roll out the following activities to generate new value through open innovation and accelerate the change process as our first step toward realizing our Vision for 2030.

  • On April 1, 2017, the Innovative Business Development Division will be established in the current New Business Development Center as the basis for concrete initiatives. Doing so will add the functions of formulating the business vision and strategy, formulating and verifying new business proposals, and other functions to the Center's current function as an incubator of new businesses. The division will serve as the leader for the entire Fujikura Group over the full range of new business generation and promotion.
    A Silicon Valley Office will also be established in the Center. It will collect information on technologies, markets, and start-up companies from a global perspective, explore and engage in collaborations, and formulate and validate business concepts.
  • We will take on the challenge of generating new businesses by collaborating with start-up companies in the four Market Segments (Advanced Communication, Energy & Industry, Life-Assistance and Vehicles).
    For our first initiative, we will work on open innovation projects with start-up companies solicited publicly, through the largest open innovation platform in Japan, which is owned by Creww Inc. (Solicitation period: Early to mid-April 2017).