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Start of "Let's go to Fukushima" campaign in the Fujikura Group

March 19, 2015

Fujikura Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoichi Nagahama) and its group aim to accommodate both the realization of a sustainable society and the group's continuous growth through "human-friendly and eco-friendly" corporate activities.

Four years have passed since Great East Japan Earthquake that caused the immense damage to the Tohoku region. We feel deep sympathy regarding the fact that more than 230 thousands people still have no choice but live in temporary housing in the affected area. We hope that everyone in the affected area will return to their previous or lead fulfilling lives more than ever soon. We would like to continue to support them, although we do not know how helpful we can be.

As a result of the nuclear power plant problem and the damage caused by the disaster, "long-term reconstruction" is said to be necessary in Fukushima prefecture. It also suffers from "the continuous bad reputation". At present, the "Fuku (fortune in Japanese) is blooming; Fuku-no-shima (the island of fortune)" campaign aims to revive tourism in Fukushima. To support it, the group has started the "Let's go to Fukushima" campaign for its employees. Group trips including families are advertised by distributing posters, banners and pamphlets in addition to articles posted on the corporate intranet site. This will be done throughout the year with plans to introduce Fukushima's seasonal beauty and charms.

We wish all the best for the future of the Tohoku region and the Fukushima prefecture.