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CSR Integrated Report

Fujikura Group CSR Integrated Report 2015
[ISO 26000 Core Subject] Organizational Governance

The 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan

Due to spread of globalization, shift to a low-carbon and to energy-efficient society, aging society and birthrate declining which developed countries face, the business environment around us is changing drastically.
In such drastic environmental changes, the Fujikura Group has been working on changing to the corporate culture matching to new age based on new corporate philosophy since 2005. Based on that new corporate culture, we have started a new group strategy-"the 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan".
This Mid-Term Business Plan aims that the change which is strongly committed by every employee will eventually change the entire Fujikura Group as well as Fujikura itself. Please find the summary below.

The 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan

The Fujikura Group targets to achieve an operating income margin of 6.3% or higher by implementing the Group's growth strategies and enhancing group management.
Growth Strategies and Key Measures
1.Paving the way into new business areas
2.Accelerating globalization
3.Restructuring of business structure
4.Enhancement of the integrated group management